Saturday, 22 September 2012

A Real Life in a False World

Tsuseishin Hissho Nari
(A pure heart is the source of victory)
In a karate world where travelling seminar masters insist on cash payments to avoid paying taxes, where overweight smokers and heavy drinkers routinely pass themselves off as karate teachers, and predatory child molesters are accommodated because they are well known; I sometimes ask myself :

                 Is it possible to live a real life in a false world?

If you, as a karate teacher, settle for being a gang member (by joining an organization), instilling your own shallow understanding in others (through a selective grading syllabus), and live a lifestyle that bears no resemblance to the balanced existence upon which the study of karatedo is based; then it might be time to step back and take stock of what your relationship with karate really is.

For all the imagery, the words, and the activity surrounding your engagement with karate consider this, karate only lives because you breath life in to it; it only has value to you because of the level of authenticity you are able to exhibit, and it's potential value to others is only visible because of what they see of karate in you. you live a real life in a false world?