Tuesday, 11 September 2012

New Links and Feedback

The Jundokan - my karate home in Okinawa
I wanted to bring your attention to a number of new links I've added to the list, in particular, a link to the Jundokan web page. Click on the kuroobikai and you'll find a few YouTube clips of training at the dojo. You won't find any footage of me though, or photos of me in the dojo for that matter; I'm not one for standing in front of a camera....not unless I really have to.

I've removed a few links I thought were past their sell-by date, but now, you can click on a link and get your name in katakana, find in-depth interviews about Okinawan music, discover more about a variety of Okinawan schools of karate, and even find places to buy all the equipment and weapons you'll need for training in karate and kobudo. If you're travelling to Okinawa for the first time, click on the Karate Liaison BureauGateway to Okinawa, or the Dojo Bar links : all three offer great support for the first time visitor.

I've also been prompted (by Mr. Colton), to update news on the re-publishing of my earlier books, Roaring Silence, Small Steps Forward, and Budo Masters. While it may still be possible to find these titles on the Internet, what's on sale are remnants of previous issues that people are selling on. I receive no royalties at all from these sales, so I request that you give them a miss. All three titles will be updated and republished by me.....I'm just not sure when right now.

These past couple of years have been rather difficult for me on a number of levels, so working on my earlier books has tended to slip down the list of priorities. But I know from the amount of requests I continue to receive, that there is still a demand for these books; so I have every intention of all three titles returning to print: hopefully within twelve months. I'm grateful, but I have to say slightly bemused, by the continual interest shown in all of my books, and indeed, in this blog too.

Heavy and consistent rain of late has caused some delay in the construction of the new dojo, but things are about to change over the next few weeks....I'll keep you posted. I'm expecting five visitors to the dojo before Christmas, so the new Shinseidokan will just have to be ready. Along with my other commitments, looking after this amount of visitors is enough for now, but I'm happy to consider anyone who would like to visit in the new year...the usual conditions apply!