Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Next time, bring the sun with you!

In this photo, taken after training, I'm standing in a hole....honest!
Casey Gorham (far left) came to visit from Queensland again recently. I first met Casey as a 17 year old kid who told me, "I already know a fair bit about karate". I remember telling him that this was a good thing, as it made my job of helping him that much easier...but he lied!

Oh...not intentionally of course, he just knew no better at the time. What Casey had been taught up to then was how to kick and punch, and like so many who believe they are engaged in karate training these days, he thought that was all there was to it.

Casey is a married man now, touching 30 years old, and living many thousands of kilometers away from the dojo: but for all that, he is no less a student of karate, no less a member of the Shinseidokan, and no less a friend of mine. Watching him practise his karate again recently, made me happy!