Saturday, 25 August 2012

Judoka: Judo Documentary, Doug Rogers, Part 1

I came across this wonderful documentary from 1965 on You Tube recently, about the Canadian Judoka, Doug Rogers. The entire movie comes in three parts, but unfortunately parts 2 & 3, which you can find here and here,  have a synchronisation problem with the sound track. Still, I think it's worth watching them as Doug's commentary is well worth listening to.

Many will have heard of Anton Geesink, the Dutch judoka who defeated the Japanese on the mat to become the first non-Japanese open weight winner at the World Championships in 1961, and again when he won a gold medal in the open weight division at the 1964 Olympics; but until recently I had not heard of Doug Rogers, nor of his silver medal success at the same "64" Olympic games.

What strikes me most about the film is the training and the attitude Doug has towards it; what a far cry from many today who hide behind "sports science" and train with "family friendliness" in mind. When I see the many visitors to Okinawa these days who demand western style accommodation, Internet connections, and international roaming on their smart phones, I wonder if they ever realise just how much they are missing out on, and what an opportunity they are wasting when it comes to catching a glimpse of their true nature....then again, maybe their attachment to technology is a reflection of their true nature: but how sad is that!