Sunday, 12 August 2012

An Old Friend Returns..!

This morning, I replanted my makiwara
The seasons have begun to turn...I can feel it in the air! With the coming of spring, the reawakening of training possibilities that winter took away; or at least made unpleasant, are once again stirring in my mind. Now that the sun stays longer in the sky and the temperature is less aggressive toward this aging body of mine, training outside is once again becoming something to look froward to.

This morning I replanted the makiwara that once stood outside the entrance to the old dojo. Like almost everything else from the dojo, it has been in storage for the past five months. A few kigu (tools) made it inside the house for me to continue working with, but the makiwara...well. I'm not sure how long my dear wife would have put up with the constant thud of my punches vibrating through the house; but after thirty years together, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have lasted long, and I'd be writing this blog from an Internet cafe, having been rendered homeless.

The makiwara now stands in what will be the back yard of the new dojo, a place where I can once again establish some of the older and less often seen kigu that were once found in Okinawa, the kakite bikei for example, as well as a variety of makiwara for both karate and kobudo. For those who are interested in this aspect of authentic karate training, my modest book on the subject may prove helpful. As the new dojo continues to emerge from the earth, I'll post more about it.