Sunday, 29 July 2012

I Doubt it...pt3

And so to the final look (for now) at the need for doubt when you put your faith in those who would have you follow them.

This guy has a big following, why I'm not sure, his relationship with karate seems to me to have more to do with the stroking of his ego than the passing on of a martial art. Having met and trained with several of his students some years ago, I can attest to their  lack of ability and basic understanding when it came to matters of combat. The people I met behaved more like members of a cult than karateka.

Watch the footage and compare what you see here with the previous example of trickery....then ask yourself why so many people looking for karate are so willing to be so stupid!!!

Some years ago I issued a challenge to this man's followers: If anyone from his cult could knock me down in the manner you see here, I would give them my home and all my savings; plus, I would leave my wife and become a devoted follower for the rest of my life.

Guess what....?