Friday, 13 July 2012

Breaking Ground

And so it begins.....
After many weeks of planning, talking, and making decisions, only to change them and then change them back again, things are beginning to happen. The new Shinseidokan dojo is still some weeks off yet, but a start has been made.

Part of the dry-stone wall that will eventually enclose the dojo was demolished to allow for a drainage ditch to go in along the fence line with the adjoining property. A couple of the builder's marker pegs can be seen in the foreground where the actual dojo will stand.

Over the coming weeks more ground will be leveled and the foundations set in place. It's going to be a small but strongly built dojo, strength of construction being an important consideration due to the powerful winds that sweep down the Tamar Valley from time to time.

I'll post more about the dojo when there is more to say, but for now, I'm content to practise my karate outside, in the kitchen, in my study, and most of all, at the small dojo of a Shinseidokan student. For that is were I get a chance to interact with the students, and train at the same time.