Friday, 1 June 2012

The New Shinseidokan

The Shinseidokan dojo' new location.
Earlier this week my little corner of the world had it's first really cold night (- 3), and as a result, it's first heavy morning frost. As the earth continues to tilt, turning the southern hemisphere further and further away from the sun,Tasmania continues to take on a more wintry complexion; jack is already beginning to nip at people's noses (and in my case, toes too!). Before it gets really cold I took the opportunity to get out into it, so just before the sun rose over the distant mountain I began to fill my lungs with some very fresh air, and even had the presence of mind to grab my camera.

I though you might be interested to see the location of the new dojo. In the right of the shot above, the side of my new home is just visible; the new Shinseidokan dojo will stand on the land just to the left of my house and will be a little smaller than the previous dojo, measuring 4m x 8m, as opposed to the 8m x 12m of training space at the old location.

The two small trees on my side of the fence will be incorporated into the dojo garden
It has been a difficult process finding the right builder for the job, consideration has been given not only to the cost but to the character of the builder too; their sensitivity to the job in hand and the "spirit" of the build they are about to undertake. To quote Shoshin Nagamine sensei: "The dojo is a special place where guts are fostered and superior natures are bred through the ecstasy of sweating in hard work; the dojo is a sacred place where the human spirit is polished."

I suppose I could save my self a lot of money, bolt together a tin shed, hang a few kick bags and a mirror, place lots of big photos of me and famous sensei around the walls, and call it a dojo: but that's not for me. A dojo is "a place of the way" and as such reflects the way you think and live, the way you train, and the way you pass your karate on to others. I'm not a wealthy person, I have limited resources at my disposal, but, according to my understanding of karate I am obliged to use, to the best of my ability, what I have to preserve and promote the way of karate. Otherwise....what's the point?