Friday, 8 June 2012

Big Surprise!

A third Book Award for Shin Gi Tai those of you who know me will know I don't go in for awards, or prizes, or anything that will put me in the spotlight. When it comes to being in the public eye, I'd sooner it was at night with the lights off. So, why blow this particular trumpet?

Well, since I began writing (almost thirty years ago!), I've had many hundreds of people contact me to say how much they have enjoyed my work. I've had at least an equal amount of correspondence from those who hate what I have to say, and hate me too. Actually....I think they just hate!

My articles and books have helped others, I know that from the feedback I've had; and this is why I continue to write. Lord knows it ain't for the money! Shin Gi Tai was an attempt to stir the pot of complacency and laziness that has infected karate like a slow-growing cancer. As a book it's doing very well, having won a number of book awards; there's even talk of it being translated in to other languages. But, as a project I think it has probably failed.

I hold little hope for the stable door to ever be closed again, besides, the thoroughbred stallion that was once karate has well and truely bolted now; these days, the stalls echo to the snorting of overweight cart-horses and shetland ponies.