Friday, 25 May 2012

Parting The Clouds With Empty Hands

The New Book by Garry Lever
The writing on the cover says it all. No, not the words written in English, but the kanji brushed by Tetsuhiro Hokama sensei: Karate no kokoro - the heart of karate!

All too often these days books on karate are little more than an advert for the person who wrote them. With the ease of self-publishing over the Internet, has come a rash of self-serving volumes full of little that is of any use to the reader. The book you see above is definitely not one of them: just the opposite in fact.

I've known the author for a many years, and have watched him grow from a sometimes immature and headstrong young man, in to the mature and dedicated family man he is today. Along with his growth as a human being has come his growth as a karateka; parallel paths that mark the life of an authentic budoka.

Although an avid reader and researcher in to karate and related martial arts, Garry would be the first to admit he is no scholar; what he knows for sure about life, and karate, he has learnt through personal experience. And this is where the value of this book lies, for within its pages you are able to glean a small amount of insight in to many of those experiences. From such information it is possible to re-focus on your own experiences and then compare; a valuable exercise, and one that provides far more evidence of your current level of understanding than today's fashion for one-upmanship and competition that many confuse for signs of making progress.

From authors like Garry Lever, who ask nothing from you other than a promise to think about what you've just read, the way of karate - its spirit -  is laid before you. I recommend this book not because Garry is a friend of mine, but because I genuinely believe it is of value to all who find themselves a little lost and in need of inspiration. You'll find the book on sale through, do yourself a favour!