Sunday, 28 October 2012

Dojo Progress...

With the electricity cable now in place (centre), it's time to start building
I had no idea there was so much intrest in the new dojo; my recent update opened a flood of inquiries on the building process, so I thought I should post a few more images to bring you as up to date as I can. Things have moved on a bit since these photos were taken.....I just haven't picked up the camera again; but I'll take a few more shots this week and post them soon.

The bearers are down and the joists laid, time for the old dojo floor to go down
As the new dojo is less than half the size of the old one, I had more than enough floor timber to do the job. I'm looking forward to sliding my bare feet across its surface once again, and lying, exhausted, on my back while I stare at the ceiling with a smile on my face...and marvel at how, after 38 years, karate training still makes me feel happy! 

Three walls up, and one to go
As I've watched the dojo grow out of the earth, I've often wondered how long it will last. Looking at the build at this stage the dojo looked too flimsy to last very long; but, I know there is great strength to be found in I dare say the dojo will out live me, even though I don't plan to go anywhere for a good while yet.

The first of the roofing timbers in place over the shomen
Everything you've seen up to here was done in one day. At which point the heavens opened and gave the dojo timbers a good wash. But with no more rain due for at least another week, the next time it falls, the drops will hit a tiled roof, wash into the gutter, and flow away down pipes and drainage ditches to help refresh the trees growing elsewhere on the block.

Looking down the dojo, toward the shomen
It might not look it from this photograph, but the surface area of the new dojo is 4 x 8 meters; more than enough space for me to stumble through my karate and kobudo practise in private, and in public, present a more accomplished face to students and visitors.

Ready for the roof tiles, windows, and the door
This was the last photo I took of the dojo. The roofing timbers are in place, and the spaces in the walls are ready for the windows to be inserted. The big opening on the left is where the sliding door is now. An outer skin of cladding has gone on, as well as the gutters and down-spouts that will take the rainwater away.

Although the dojo looks to be standing quite high off the ground, it won't look this way when the build is finished and the landscaping is in place; at that point, the dojo will look as if it is merely resting upon the earth.

More photos and a further update soon......